About SelfieCircle

The SelfieCircle is an open photo booth that takes a series of selfies in a 360o motion. You just sit in the center and the booth rotates around you, taking 64 photos of you from different angles. The result is either a seamless video or a series of selfies ��� ready to share through a custom app.

Booth with salon chair small

The SelfieCircle is an integrated imaging system designed for capturing and sharing 360o images. It’s an integrated system consisting of a high quality steel frame, a light control curtain and rotating motorized arm. The booth is driven by an automated system that includes an iPad Mini and an LED flash .

The images are captured by a custom iOS or Android App that also allows for upload and sharing of the resulting photos and video.

SelfieCircle enables your clients to be advocates for your services – sharing SELFIES with their social media CIRCLES.

Why SelfieCircle?

  • See yourSELF the way world sees you
  • Selfie sticks are so 2014
  • A more realistic way to view yourSELF
  • Get a full complete look at yourSELF
  • Handsfree selfies? Sign me up!
  • SelfieCircle does all of the work so that you can just sit there looking fabulous!