What is a 360 Selfie Booth?
A new way to take a selfie.
The SelfieCircle is an open, circular photo stand that takes a series of selfies in a 360 motion. You just sit in the middle of the booth and the camera rotates around you, taking 64 seamless photos of you from every angle. When completed you can view the resulting photos (selflies) individually or as a video.
A more realistic way to view yourself
A regular photo does not capture the depth of your image

“We make the camera do all of the work so that you can just sit there looking fabulous!”

Why is a 360 selfie better than a regular selfie?
Existing selfie photo booths merely take one image from one angle. The 360 Selfie Booth dynamically captures you from a 360° rotation giving you a nearly a complete impression of your own image.

- See yourself more like others see you.
– See Yourself from different perspectives.

What type of images can Intake?
A series of 64, High-quality, 2MB digital still photos
6 seconds of 1080p video

How can I share /view them?
Through our APP, up to the cloud for friends and family to view.

How many people can the booth fit?
2-3 for this model

Where would I use SelfieCircle?
• Hair Salons & Spas
��� Fitness Centers
• Clothing Stores
• Shoe Boutiques
• Fashion Events
����������� Proms
��������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� Weddings
• Trade Shows & Conferences
• Product Launches
• TV or Movie Premieres
• Special Events

How much space does the booth occupy?
Diameter: about 165cm or 5 feet
Height : 200 cm or 80”